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Impractical jokers tv show wiki

Impractical jokers tv show wiki

Most viewers outside of Japan assume that it's just a mother-themed PriTicket, but it's actually a spoof of mama cards. The idea of law enforcement air bombing residential city space seems absurd, but was probably inspired by an incident in Philadelphia which occurred a few years before the comic was written. At one time mathematicians, rocket scientists and other persons who had to do complicated calculations had no electronic devices to do them. This device was called a "slide rule" and it was good enough to do the calculations that got us to the moon. Kentaro Miura uses Rule of Cool to sprinkle his fantasy world with weapons, armors, costumes, architecture, and technology from various real life cultures and eras, to the point where it's hard for the layperson to distinguish between what he made up and what he borrowed from history. The armor of his cousin, the Silver Samurai, also features a similar motif.

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