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Hatfields funeral home

Hatfields funeral home

Being a Pallbearer Being a pallbearer is a traditionally male job. The Wake A wake takes place before the actual funeral service and is usually held in the evening. The invitation to be a pallbearer is a great honor and one you cannot refuse except for the most serious of reasons. Unless the acrimony between you and your former love or her family approaches the level of the Hatfields and McCoys, and your presence would cause them further grief, or you hear specifically from the family that you are not welcome, attending the funeral is entirely appropriate. Sunday, Jan 14, from 1: There are so many character deaths and funerals in "Hatfields And McCoys" that it reminded me of the last time I saw you on TV, which was when you gave a eulogy at Whitney Houston's funeral. Some families ask for donations in lieu of flowers, and you should honor this request.

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Bobby and Bill at the Funeral Home

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Hatfields funeral home

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