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Coordinate graphing fun pictures

Coordinate graphing fun pictures

This problem provides an opportunity to expose students to the concept of orderly counting where they exhaust all possibilities for one component before moving to the next, so that they exhaust all possibilities without duplication. Jack-o-Lantern Combinations challenges students to figure out how many different pumpkins may be made, given the assortment of eyes, noses and mouths. Pumpkin Belt measurement activity described above. After completing the game, students may add their results to a class data table to see if each number does indeed have an equal chance of winning. Students must figure out which character will be the th to be printed on a neon signboard. Be sure to visit the Pumpkin Patch to view pictures of award-winning Atlantic giant pumpkins so that students appreciate the actual size of these weighty pumpkins. The pdf file includes the Pumpkin Farm game mat, pumpkin pieces, directions and a recording sheet.

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Coordinate Plane and Ordered Pairs Song

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Coordinate graphing fun pictures

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