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Munster express fun run 2017

Munster express fun run 2017

The investment from competitors and officials and any one else that can support us by this October is to give a strong message that will be a very good year and if we all buy into the investment Proposed we can survive and build for and beyond for all aspects of Motorsport in Ireland For give me this was meant to be a brief outline as I have been getting a lot of positive feed back and this is for people that were not in attendance. From that point on the Storm went about their business with clinical precision. Fensom tried to prevent a break from the Storm but was tangled up with teammate Ethan Lowe. Curtis Scott accepted the error with glee to score a grand final try in his debut season. Ger never missed West Cork and was always in the thick of it.

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IC 2 in Hannover ( 2 Mal + "Beifang" )

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Munster express fun run 2017

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