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Family fun days out in dorset

Family fun days out in dorset

From children's farms, indoor play areas, outdoor play areas, parks, sports facilities and fabulous theme parks, you'll find you're on the most comprehensive guide to children's attractions and services on the web. Discover our original Magna Carta, one of only four in the world, and explore its legacy in the accompanying exhibition. The essentially defensive exterior contrasts with the comfortable and decorative state rooms inside. Design your own tour! Kingston Lacy is an art lover's dream, take a look at rooms teeming with paintings by Rubens, Van Dyck, Titian and Brueghel. Most date from the 18th century and there are fine plasterwork ceilings, rare furniture and family portraits.

Family fun days out in dorset

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DURDLE DOOR! Family Fun beach adventure! Dorset UK

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